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Abortion Photos

Abortion Photos – Killing a human being before birth

Abortion is inhuman. We take selfies of ourselves when we do something new. Ever wondered why people don’t click abortion photos and share them on their social profiles? There are two reasons. First, the people involved in the abortion – the abortionist, support staff nurses, and the mother of the preborn child – know that they have committed murder. The abortionist is numb to the view of tiny hands, feet, and other developed body parts bathed in blood. These babies are 7 – 26 weeks from fertilization. The medical staff carrying out the procedure are less sensitive to these disturbing sights as they have committed this act many times before. The women who undergo abortion perceive the wrongness of their decision and do not want to share photos of themselves or the dead body of their baby. Second, these people are aware that they aren’t going to get many “likes” for these abortion pictures and the comments may bring the unpleasant reality of what they have done into sharper focus. The medical center that carries out this procedure does not share these disturbing pictures because sharing these pictures would be bad for business.

The following abortion photos are the backbone of CBR’s various public, abortion-education projects. (The coins and pencils are included as size references and are part of the original photos.) All ages are in weeks from fertilization. These abortion pictures are available for download as long as you cite CBR as the image source and agree to the terms of use. Click a specific abortion picture to enlarge for viewing or download.