“Kill A Jew” Remember the Dark Days

The November 19, 2014 Los Angeles Times ran a front page story headlined ” Killing of Jews’ recall dark days!” It described a Palestinian attack on worshipers at a Jerusalem Synagogue. The assailants had guns, but they also had weaponsreferred to in various press accounts as “knives” and “ax” and a “meat clever”‘ the assassins didn’t merely want to kill Jews, they wanted to butcher them as savagely as possible – and as publicly as possible. The same desire to express hatred of one victims was on display two days earlier in an Orange County Register story titled “Islamic State

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Pro-Abort Assaults Pro-Lifer

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Debate on Graphic Abortion Images

Debate between Ann Furedi, CEO of BPAS, the UK’s largest private abortion provider, and Gregg Cunningham, Executive Director of CBR.  Furedi and Cunningham debated whether it is morally wrong to display graphic abortion images outside UK abortion clinics.  The debate took place in London on October 3, 2013. Published on October 4, 2013 by Christian Concern: Two of the most prominent figures in the abortion debate went head to head last night in London over the issue of whether it is right to use graphic abortion imagery outside UK abortion clinics. Ann Furedi, CEO of the UK’s largest private abortion

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Stephanie Gray at SFLA Conference

Stephanie Gray Speaks to a Large Audience of Young Pro-Lifers at the Students for Life of America National Conference in January 2014

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CBR’s Response to Barry Corey’s Apology

Download PDF Gregg L. Cunningham, Executive Director Dear Biola University Community, What follows is “An Open Abortion Letter to Biola University.” The Biola University newspaper has refused to publish it as a paid ad. The school’s insistence that only one side of the debate regarding Biola’s abortion policies be heard was first evident on June 14, 2013, when the university updated a press release naming former staff member La Verne Tolbert its spokeswoman on the school’s recent abortion controversy. The following day, Dr. Tolbert circulated a widely distributed email message in which she declared “I cannot express how much I

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