Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists

December 3, 2014

The December 3, 2014, New York Times published a story which reported that the three leaders of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement have called for an end to demonstrations against the government and a shift toward more sustainable, long-term tactics. They expressed concern that “street occupations were angering residents …”

It is discouraging that so many of Hong Kong’s citizens are willing to surrender their freedom to preserve their convenience. This indifference to liberty, however, should come as no surprise. Historian Paul Johnson cites estimates suggesting that only one-third of American colonists supported the American Revolution, with one-third remaining loyal to England and one-third not caring who won.

The leaders of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement include a pastor and two professors. Would that anti-abortion clergy and academics were as activistic as these three great men. But the two would, no doubt, encounter indifference and even opposition within their churches and on their Christian college campuses. Pray that God raises up such pro-life leaders and imbues them with indomitable spirits!

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