Justice Politicized

December 28, 2014

True to form, Nancy Pelosi’s hometown paper, the San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 28, 2014, ran a story headlined “Civil rights leaders seek more black prosecutors.” The theme was “their hiring could help mend the growing rift between communities of color and law enforcement agencies.” In reality, however, nothing will “mend the growing rift” until “communities of color” abandon the racist presumption that any force a white cop uses to apprehend a black suspect is, irrebuttably, excessive force.

Race-baiters such as former NAACP Director Ben Jealous, however, demand two standards of justice: stringent for white police and lenient for black suspects. “But unless we can recruit more people who think like you as prosecutors, there are entire levers of power that we won’t have access to.” Who thinks like Ben Jealous? That would be race-baiting Attorney General Eric Holder, the most corrupt attorney general in American history. He thinks black residents in Ferguson, MO, are entitled to rob stores and then attack police officers dispatched to arrest them. We don’t need more prosecutors who think like people who think like that. The rule of law isn’t about power. It’s about justice. When you politicize prosecutorial decisions you get the Trayvon Martin case, which never should have gone to trial; or the Duke lacrosse case, which never should have even been charged.

Get ready for lots more political pressure on prosecutors after abortion is finally outlawed. Liberals who insisted on harsh punishments for pro-lifers who picketed in abortion clinics’ bubble zones will then demand that doctors get a pass when they perform unlawful abortions.

Law-breakers who violate official oaths need to be held to high standards of accountability – whether rogue cops or sleazy docs. But everyone is entitled to due process of law. For the public, that means no cover-ups. For the accused, that means a presumption of innocence!

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