Tarnishing the Brand

January 5, 2015

The New York Times, January 3, 2015, published two related stories on its front page, both above the fold: the first was headlined “Fight on guns is being taken to state ballots”; the second was titled “Schism hinders Taliban’s effort at a new image.” The gun story is about gun control activists who have decided that the term “gun control” doesn’t poll very well because it is too revelatory of the movement’s ultimate objectives which are to ban and confiscate all firearms. So they have decided to change their image to better hide their cards. The article says “The advocacy groups have recast their cause as a public health and safety movement and homing in on areas where polling has shown voter support, like expanded background checks …” The Taliban article also describes a public relations problem. The story reports that the savage Taliban “… have been on a charm offensive to win back popular support.” But an elder who suffers under Taliban rule says these Islamist tyrants are “… worse than ever.” The writer adds that “many feel the Taliban have hardly changed at all. They still inflict brutal policies in some areas under their control and are merciless with villagers who cross them.”

The Jihadis, nonetheless, have doubled down with a “calculatedly aggressive … publicity campaign on social media” intended to put a smiley face on their primitive predations. They have “seized on the need to capture hearts and minds” but it’s nearly all a show.

A “show” is precisely what Planned Parenthood is putting on to cover up its own atrocities. It uses donations from widely admired corporations as evidence that it is a mainstream, respectable healthcare charity. Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Nike and hundreds of other businesses help America’s largest abortion provider perpetuate the myth that Planned Parenthood is acting in the public interest and that supporting them is socially responsible philanthropy.

That was an effective public relations fraud until CBR began to display huge aborted baby photos outside the retail locations of these businesses. We urge potential customers to boycott businesses which aid and abet the abortion industry and use shocking abortion photos which make even pro-aborts squeamish about entering these establishments. In California, we discovered a loop-hole in the laws which, in every other state, prohibit picketing inside large shopping malls. Labor unions lobbied for this right but pro-lifers have never been aware of its existence until recently, when, praise God, we discovered it. Nothing tarnishes the sterling brands of Planned Parenthood and its commercial sponsors like a big, bloody photo in the middle of an upscale shopping location!

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