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Forcing Adversaries To Say Ridiculous Things

The real power of publicly displaying aborted baby photos is that it forces our adversaries, who normally try to avoid debating us, to come out from under their rocks and engage us.  When they do, they say things which are so ridiculous that almost everyone can tell they have no compelling moral argument with which to justify baby-killing.  Pro-abortion students on a university campus on which we recently exhibited aboriton photos accussed us of “disrespecting the babies.” The what?  That sounds like an admission to us.  But it also forces the “pro-lifers,” who insist on covering up the horror of abortion, to

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Radical Islam And Pro-Aborts Insecure In Their Faiths

“Muslim migrants riot in Athens,” May 24, 2009,  “Dozens of cars have been smashed, 14 people injured and 46 arrested in riots by Muslim migrants over the alleged defacing of a Koran by a policeman.”  The article adds that “Police said they would investigate the allegation that an officer tore up an Iraqi migrant’s Koran while checking his identity papers in Athens last week. “Military burns unsolicited Bibles sent to Afghanistan,” May 22, 2009:  “[U.S] Military personnel threw away, and ultimately burned, confiscated Bibles that were printed in the two most common Afghan languages, amid concern they would be used

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Post-Racial vs. Pro-Life

It is very important that we say to the huge percentage of the electorate which is wallowing in self-adulation for electing Mr. Obama, and crowing  “Aren’t we wonderful for voting for a black man,” that the answer is NO!  You are NOT wonderful if you also support killing babies.  Being “post-racial” is not more important than being pro-life and our abortion photos prove that to people who have a functioning conscience!

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Without a trace of ironic awareness, famous poster artist and Obama iconographer Shepard Fairey is complaining on his website,, that CBR has stolen the Obama campaign poster he created from an Associated Press (AP) photo he is accused of stealing from the AP.  Is there no longer any honor among intellectual property thieves?  Of course not!  We gleefully admit our “guilt” in stealing this Obama poster and every other Obama poster Mr. Fairey has ever created or ever will.  In his defense, he did not “steal” the AP photo.  He merely used it for a reference.  In our defense,

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CBR’s Delivers Alternative Commencement Address At Notre Dame

Greetings Pro-Life Friends, You can download and read CBR’s  latest newsletter which reports on the happenings in South Bend. It is important to note that the whole country is watching the story at Notre Dame.  CBR is making that story about the humanity of the unborn and the inhumanity of abortion.  If the debate is about “Choice” we lose.  If the debate is about “What is being chosen“.  We win.  That is because what is being chosen is an indefensible act of violence against a baby.  Not everyone changes their minds when they see the truth but many do. CBR’s project at Notre Dame is

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…