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Former Klansman Apologizes To Rep. John Lewis

This interview deals with the phenomenally improbable apology a now elderly Klansman offered to Rep. John Lewis, for having beaten him at a civil rights rally in the 1960s.  I just ran across this quote from a MLK speech which seems almost eerie in its prophetic significance when read against the background of the CNN video.  If this man, so full of hatred, can change, perhaps there is hope for even the most hard-hearted advocates of abortion. “No, we must not lose faith in our white brothers. Somehow we must believe that the most misguided among them can learn to respect

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Note to reader:  Please read from bottom up to preserve proper chronological order (salient points in red): Dear Mr. Cunningham Thank you for your emails. When the New York Times article states that petrol was splashed in the face of the lab technician temporarily blinding her before it was spread in the same room and set on fire it does not suggest that the attack on the lab technician was an accidental consequence of the fact that the perpetrator was spreading petrol about a room in which she was standing. It must have been a foreseeable consequence of setting fire to that

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World Magazine (and others like them) Double Standard

The June 6, 2009 cover of Worldmagazine depicts the slaughter in Tiananmen Square 20 years ago. Click image to enlarge. Educators  for a very long time have understood that the use of disturbing imagery to teach about injustice is not only effective but is a necessity to see an injustice stopped.  Recently World magazine ran a story remembering the 20 year anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.   World magazine understood that without pictures of the atrocity, this terrible event would be trivialized, the current suffering of Chinese citizens would be ignored, and that it would be intellectually dishonest to cover up these very

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CBR Reaching More College Students-CBR’s July 2009 Communique

Reports from the field on the the latest Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) happenings in CBR’s July 2009 Communique Newsletter.  Read it and pass it on to your friends. Don

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Univ. of Wash. News Reporter Offended to be Called “Pro-Abortion”

From: Rachel L. Solomon [] Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009 7:45 PM To: Gregg Cunningham Subject: Regarding “pro-abortion”   Dear CBR, My name is Rachel Solomon and I am a student at the University of Washington and a reporter for The Daily, the school’s student newspaper. The Genocide Awareness Project visited our campus this week and I reported on it. I do not wish to comment on the graphic images on display, as my own views are quite contrary to the ones expressed – a fact that, I might add, did not come into play in my unbiased news reporting. Instead, I would like

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…

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