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The Anger and Despair of a Post-Abortive British Teen

Dear Andrew (our U.K. regional director),   This little Brit teenager (see web survey below) has just seen the abortion video on our website and is devastated.  has obviously had an abortion over which she feels excruciating guilt. We have just diminished her ability to manage that guilt by rationalizing her “choice.” She says she had “a reason” for her abortion which makes the termination other than “monstrous.” That is an odd word choice unless she now feels like a monster. She says if we weren’t “idiots” who have never been pregnant we might understand her plight. She doesn’t realize that we know many women

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Three Days With Walter Cronkite

As the world now knows, Walter Cronkite died today.  I spent three days working with the legendary newsman at the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, in the summer of 1987.  I was an Air Force Reserve officer, on temporary duty at the Pentagon with the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Political/Military Affairs Division) and had been assigned to provide staff support for the war game which the JCS conducted with the Commanders-in-Chief of the major military commands that year.  Mr. Cronkite was a media advisor to Department of Defense officials during the exercise.   In addition to testing the effectiveness of military strategies and tactics in a difficult

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Shouting Out The Ugly Truth

Today, at least three protestors disrupted the Sotomayor confirmation hearings by shouting out references to the invisible elephant in the hearing room:  Abortion.  I say bravo!  It is important that we remind the American people that Judge Sotomayor is a baby-killer.  Bellowing that fact is consistent with the tactics of the abolitionists who would follow bounty hunters (chasing fugitive slaves) into restaurants and loudly announce the presence of these slave catchers, urging the owners and patrons of the restaurant to have nothing to do with them.  I supported this disruptive tactic during Mr. Obama’s delivery of the commencement address at Notre Dame and I support

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Weaponized Toothpaste, Fights Cavities and Bumperstickers

On my way home from the office tonight I stopped off at the local health food store for some milk for three our little girls.  I have been a committed consumer of organic food since long before most people had ever even heard the term ”sustainable agriculture” (of which even most consumers of organic products probably haven’t heard).  Now “organic” has gone so mainstream that even sick-food stores have health-food sections.  But this particular store is still pretty countercultural and the clerks attire says it all.  Most are clad in black and many have garishly died hair and or multiple body piercings and tattoos on top

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CBR’s Pro-Life Training Institute: Training the Next Generation To Defend the Preborn

The Pro-Life Institute (PLI) trains advocates of the pro-life view to persuasively articulate and defend their position in the marketplace of ideas. PLI’s primary training seminar, Creating Dialogue on Campus, goes on the road all across America to schools, churches and other events to train a fresh generation of young apologists. The training consists of: ·        Abortion and Personhood ·        What is the Unborn? ·        Social Reform and Abortion ·        Common Objections to the Pro-Life View ·        Role Play PLI not only trains pro-lifers to state a clear position on bio-ethical issues but PLI also gives people an opportunity to

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…