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NAACP convention attendees in NYC see black genocide

CBR and Pastor Clenard Childress of also came to educate attendees of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peopled (NAACP) national convention held in New York City last week.  See pictures and read the story here.

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Killing George Tiller – Full Essay by Gregg Cunningham

Gregg’s June 2009 letter which discussed the George Tiller murder, was an abridged version of a full essay discussing the topic.  The full version is now available by clicking here.  Please forward this link to your friends and leave comments here on the blog.

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Children Shouldn’t See Disturbing Photos: Double Standard?

Dear Mr. Fordham,   Thank you for taking the time to write.  With all due respect, you are fulfilling the prophesy written by Isaiah in 5:20 when he said “Woe to those who call … good evil, who turn… light into darkness….”  Killing babies is evil, showing them is good.  Please visit our website to read the enormous numbers of testimonials from people whose minds were changed concerning abortion after seeing our abortion photos.  And by the way, you criticize our work for being inconsistent with scripture but you don’t cite one single verse to support that claim.   You ask if

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