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CBR Educates NAACP Members About Black Genocide-CBR Newsletter

CBR’s latest Newsletter Headlines Pastor Clenard Childress and CBR collaborating to show the NAACP conference attendees in New York City the Abortion Black Genocide. You can also look at past newsletters by going to the CBR Newsletter Archive. CBR needs more help from Pro-Life people like you.  Pass these links on to your friends and encourage them to take action for the unborn by making a donation to CBR Don

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CBR’s Uniquely Forceful Boycotts Are Lawful

I am always glad to get the benefit of Ken’s thinking (or that of any other lawyer) and I will look forward to his message but I can assure you that violating prohibitions against interference in business relationships requires more than intent.  It requires impermissible behavior.  I can intend to prevent customers from entering the Safeway store but if all I am doing to stop them is stand in the parking lot and pray silent, imprecatory prayers, I am not violating the law because prayer is not unlawful (yet).  On the other hand, if I tackle customers and hog-tie them and drag them

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PRESS RELEASE   August 17, 2009   The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform   Contact: Mark Harrington   P.O. Box 219 Lake Forest, CA 92609 Office Phone, 614-759-5195 Cell Phone, 614-419-9000   NEW OBAMA-JOKER POSTER AS OUTRAGEOUS AS OBAMA-CARE Senior White House advisor David Axelrod spam-blasted a “viral” email Thursday, August 13, 2009, intended to “debunk” what he called the health care reform “lies and distortions” which are currently “flying unchecked under the radar.” The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) announced today that it is responding with its own email reply campaign, intended to debunk the lies and distortions

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What To Tell A Five-Year-Old Who Sees An Abortion Picture

Dear Mr. Pettiford,   Tell your five-year-old daughter what I told mine when she first saw an aborted baby photo:  Tell her that some parents do very bad things to their children but that she has been blessed with parents who love her and will always protect her.  Tell her that what she saw happened to a baby before the baby was born.  Tell her that it never happens to children who are already born so she has nothing to fear from this bad thing.  Tell her that violence is almost never the best solution to life’s problems and that love is

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