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CBR’s Abortion Imagery Acquistion Not A Trivial Task

A request recently came to us asking us to reveal the methods and sources we use to acquire our vast abortion imagery archive.  Below is the answer Gregg Cunnigham gave in regards to this matter: Dear Mr. S, Your topic is a difficult one about which to conduct an interview because the details of our abortion clinic access agreements are highly confidential.  Disclosing the wrong information could jeopardize the wellbeing of abortion industry workers who collaborate with us and place all future access at risk. I am quite amazed at some of the ill-considered journalism on the subject of abortion

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Another Precious Special Needs Child

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October 2009 Letter from Gregg

Gregg Cunningham’s October letter is available online in both a pdf format for reading and an audio mp3 format for listening.  You can find them both linked from the CBR Newsletter Archive page: Also, the October 2009 Communique Newsletter as well as other back issues are available at the above link.

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CBR To Educate Berkeley Students On Abortion

PRESS RELEASE: The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) Goes To Berkeley Monday, October 26th and Tuesday the 27th, CBR, in conjunction with Berkeley Students for Life (BSL), will sponsor the Genocide Awareness Project on Sproul Plaza at U.C. Berkeley. The exhibit is designed to establish that abortion is genocide, not health care. Slavery-Bigotry Reproductive Care   The display will be exhibited from approximately 9:00am until 5:00pm both days. More of the signs comprising the Genocide Awareness Project can be viewed at Mark Harrington (614-419-9000), Fletcher Armstrong (865-776-1312) and Don Cooper (541-760-6620) of CBR and Alberto Gonzalez, director of BSL (925-451-5959), will be

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Christian College Staff: Abortion is Someone Else’s Problem and a Threat to “Ministry”

Hi Joe, Because of your generous support for our work and your influential relationship with Liberty University, I am sure you will be interested in the note (below) I received from one of our staff.  He has long experience working with students in our Genocide Awareness Project and is very diplomatic in the way he promotes our work, especially when he encounters resistance, which he often does.  It appears that two unhelpful lessons are being taught to students at Liberty: The first is that it is not appropriate to display abortion photos in public (private showings are approved but not

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…