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Pro-Life Student Internships for Summer of 2011

Dear Friend for Life, Please forward this to every pro-life student you know! We are pleased to announce that we have internships available for pro-life students and recent graduates.  Flyer is attached.  Here are the particulars: Immediate Openings: Internships for current students or recent graduates. Work Schedule: Part-time or full-time during the Summer school term. College graduates would be considered for permanent employment at the end of the summer. Location: Knoxville, Tennessee Travel: You may be asked to take week-long trips to participate in meetings, Reproductive “Choice” Campaign (RCC) activities, etc. Salary: Small stipends available. We will assist with finding

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Should Christian Pro-Lifers Use Graphic Imagery?

Dear Jennifer, There was no mistake at all in my decision to send you the “Would Jesus Use Bloody Pictures” sign designs.  I suspected that these signs might be helpful to you as you consider the efficacy of graphic images as a means with which to express the inexpressible horror of abortion.  I believe my judgment was at least partially vindicated by your admission that, despite your initial misgivings, those signs “really speak to me.” William Wilberforce used deeply disturbing artists’ renderings to depict the unimaginable privations of slavery.  Photographs of children being mistreated in mines and mills and factories

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More “Interviewing” Pro-Life Videos That Cover Up The Horror Of Abortion

—–Original Message—– From: Gregg Cunningham Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 3:29 PM To: ‘Jim Litchfield’ Subject: RE: Carri Taylor’s newest release: “Life After Abortion” Showing You missed your calling as the Roger Ebert of pro-life film reviewers Jim.  And your report is just as I suspected.  Ms. Taylor interviews post-abortive women who say abortion ruined their lives.  The pro-aborts interview post-abortive women who say abortion saved their lives.  Because pro-lifers want to be liked and pro-aborts want to win, both sides are desperate to hide the procedure no one wants to see anyway. So viewers know no more about abortion

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Secret Abortion Practices in Spain

English translation of a report by Intereconomia on secret abortion practices in Spain

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…