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Missed Opportunities at California Stem Cell Research Agency Missed opportunities at California stem cell research agency During its bungled search for a new chairman, the state agency that funds stem cell research has failed to address criticism that its research is too narrow and its governance overly secretive, and that it has lacked integration with the state’s overall research investment. Michael Hiltzik 9:16 PM PDT, June 7, 2011 Click Here to Read Article

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Northland Family Planning Centers’ Lies

Make sure you read Gregg Cunningham’s June 2011 Appeal Letter that addresses the Northland Family Planning Centers’ Lies; all too common to CBR. To watch CBR’s “Angel of Light” version of Northland Family Planning Centers’ video that exposes their lies with the truth, click Here.

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South Korean Pastor Tends an Unwanted Flock

This is the true spirit of CBR: Executive Directors, Gregg and Lois Cunningham have adopted three Chinese baby girls abandoned as newborns for birth defects just as this pastor is doing.

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…