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Everything’s Just Grand!

January 9, 2015 On January 6, 2015, the Los Angeles Times top story was headlined “[Gov.] Brown keeps aim high for 4th term.” The story reported the California governor’s inaugural address and quoted his reference to “the budget carefully balanced …” But it’s not balanced in reality because huge unfunded liabilities are simply moved off the books and basically hidden in non-budget accounts. So a mere seventy-two hours later, the same paper featured a related top story in the same place on the front page titled “Health costs imperil the state budget.” This story debunks the previous article by explaining

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Journalism’s Blind Eye

January 7, 2015 The Los Angeles Times, December 24, 2014, published a disturbing account of the violence routinely used to silence reporters worldwide. Headlined “Journalist death toll for 2014: 60,” the article noted that 70 journalists had been killed in 2013 and that in 2014 “40% were deliberately targeted” by those attempting to conceal cruelty, corruption and injustice of every sort. Thank God for reporters with the courage and integrity to risk it all in the public interest. But not all journalists are so noble. The New York Times, December 21, 2014, carried a Ross Douthat column titled “North Korea

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Careless Destruction of Human Lives

January 6, 2015 The San Francisco Chronicle, January 3, 2015, published a front page story headlined “Ethical issues rise in knowing babies’ genome.” It begins without much ironic awareness: “By sequencing the billions of chemical letters in a cell’s DNA, which make up the human genome, scientists may be able to better estimate the risk of a person developing cancer, heart, biochemical and metabolic diseases.” The second paragraph explains that “… while a majority of parents surveyed in a new study said they would be interested in having some – or all – of their newborn’s genome sequenced, some researchers

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Tarnishing the Brand

January 5, 2015 The New York Times, January 3, 2015, published two related stories on its front page, both above the fold: the first was headlined “Fight on guns is being taken to state ballots”; the second was titled “Schism hinders Taliban’s effort at a new image.” The gun story is about gun control activists who have decided that the term “gun control” doesn’t poll very well because it is too revelatory of the movement’s ultimate objectives which are to ban and confiscate all firearms. So they have decided to change their image to better hide their cards. The article

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How Obama Gets Things Done

January 3, 2015 USA Today topped the front page of their December 31, 2014, edition with a story headlined “Obama takes aim at Gitmo, again.” The story details the president’s frustration with Congressional Republicans who refuse to allow him to close the Guantanamo Bay prison for captured Islamic fighters. Mr. Obama wants to bring these fanatical Islamists to the U.S. because he says the prison in Cuba “inspires anti-U.S. feelings across the globe” and “costs taxpayers millions of dollars to operate every year.” When has this president ever worried about burdening taxpayers? In his usual lawless manner, Mr. Obama is

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