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Political Corruption

January 2, 2015 The Associated Press reported a story December 31, 2014, called “Protests break out after conviction of Putin foe.” The article explained that “Vladimir Putin’s chief political foe was convicted along with his brother on Tuesday in a fraud case widely seen as [political] retribution by the Kremlin …” But lest we feel too morally superior to these resurrected Soviet thugs, we should bear in mind the political thugs who abuse their official power to persecute opponents here in the U.S. Judges had to step in and end campaigns of political harassment by Democrat prosecutors against former Republican

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The Power of Investigative Journalism

December 31, 2014 The founding fathers envisioned the news media as watchdogs against government corruption. Sadly, the news media itself has become so corrupted by political bias that journalists now work harder to defeat conservative initiatives than government misconduct. Occasionally, however, news organizations manage to fulfill the noble role for which the framers had hoped. December 20, 2014, the Los Angeles Times published a story headlined “Produce industry promised to improve Mexican farmworker conditions.” The article announced pledges from government agencies and industry marketing groups to crack down on the secret abuse of the migrant workers who cultivate so much

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Sony, Kim Jong Un, and Obama

December 29, 2014 Sony Pictures recently received wall-to-wall press coverage for its craven and remarkably inept mishandling of the release of a low-brow comedy movie which offended North Korea’s brutal but buffoonish dictator, Kim Jong Un. The film, titled “The Interview,” was scheduled for Christmas Day release until North Korean cyber-thugs hacked Sony’s website and threatened terror attacks against theaters which screened the picture. Sony instantly caved and shelved the release in an attempt to appease their tyrannical tormentors. At long last, Barack Obama, America’s embarrassing appeaser-in-chief, found someone even weaker than he, and he quickly pounced. The December 20,

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Justice Politicized

December 28, 2014 True to form, Nancy Pelosi’s hometown paper, the San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 28, 2014, ran a story headlined “Civil rights leaders seek more black prosecutors.” The theme was “their hiring could help mend the growing rift between communities of color and law enforcement agencies.” In reality, however, nothing will “mend the growing rift” until “communities of color” abandon the racist presumption that any force a white cop uses to apprehend a black suspect is, irrebuttably, excessive force. Race-baiters such as former NAACP Director Ben Jealous, however, demand two standards of justice: stringent for white police and lenient

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Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists

December 3, 2014 The December 3, 2014, New York Times published a story which reported that the three leaders of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement have called for an end to demonstrations against the government and a shift toward more sustainable, long-term tactics. They expressed concern that “street occupations were angering residents …” It is discouraging that so many of Hong Kong’s citizens are willing to surrender their freedom to preserve their convenience. This indifference to liberty, however, should come as no surprise. Historian Paul Johnson cites estimates suggesting that only one-third of American colonists supported the American Revolution, with one-third

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