By CC: I am home now. I am safe and loved; I know only peace and boundless love. I am with my friends and my family. I am cherished beyond my ability to understand. Not so long ago, everything was different. My life had just begun. Everything about me was new and wonderful. Every day I would discover things that I hadn’t noticed before. Light and dark, the shades in between them. I could move my body, turn and roll and reach. I could hear my mother’s voice, talking to me. To me! We would go everywhere together. At night

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Why I hate ________

I would have become a teacher, a coach, a president… but they said, “All it will become is a delinquent”. I could have raised a family, won the Medal of Honor, drawn a great work of art… but they said, “It will be of more use taken apart”. I thought “a person is a person no matter how small”*… but apparently anything goes as long as it’s done within medical room walls. I would have walked across the Grand Canyon, seen Niagara Falls, gone fishing in my favorite bay… but they said, “you’d better act now before it sees the

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Raging Animalistic Predator Imposing Sexual Terrorism Assassinating Babies Obviously Reaps Terror In Our Nation By Charles Berry

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Prayer for Aborted Children by Jim Harrison

Heavenly Father, I pray that each child whose precious life has been ended while in the womb of their mother and in violation of Your divine plan, is with You in heaven. I pray that they know they would have been born wonderful and beautiful children. I ask that You take these children into Your arms and comfort them. I pray for forgiveness for their parents and others who counseled or provided or did not do enough to prevent their abortion. I pray that these children continue to be with each other and with You. Each of these girls and

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I Have You Now

Tucked away where worries shouldn’t exist. Warmth and nourishment are common place. Each day was a joy. Even then our existence was small, our thoughts short and we put all of our trust in mommy to protect us. But as life has it, things can take drastic turns. I was sound asleep when it started. I was so comfortable, snuggled up with my sister against our mommy. When I woke to a horrible scream from my sister. It startled me like nothing I had experienced before and I could hear mommy crying.  Suddenly my sister started jerking forcefully, then she

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…