65 Million and Counting

The death tally is mounting. The tragedy is that so often I am numb. So often I am struck dumb. Through abortion 65 million have gone away, and I have nothing to say? Why am I so unwilling to say or do more? Because, I’ve done this before. No results to what I implore. No one wants to hear. Everyone wants to just ignore. So many options I have tried to explore. I whimper when I ought to roar! I hop when I ought to soar. The death goes on, and millions more are gone, Make that 65 million and

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Abortion and the death penalty.

Make love not war? You don’t want our soldiers dying anymore? You don’t want anymore criminal execution? Well, then, are you willing to give up abortion as your solution? You don’t want policemen shooting folks and sending them to their tombs? Well then, we don’t want babies ripped from their mothers’ wombs! Hey, out there, are there any takers? Or, are you merely rhetorical fakers?

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America the Patient

America, the patient, has been in the fights. She looks real bad, and needs last rites. Dr. Jesus sitting through the long dark nights. America strangled by many fearsome plights. In her sin, America moves on. She looks like a jig-saw puzzle with a dozen pieces gone! Like worms her sins she spawns. Her righteousness like goats chewing their neighbors’ lawns. In the hands of self-serving opportunists, she, twisted like chess pawns. Hell’s night dawns. The grave yawns. The very ones who could save America from the brink? They by millions are ground up in hospital sinks! And, poor America,

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And You Call Yourselves Religious!

If you call yourselves Jews, and you back abortion, I got news! Jehovah is not your portion! Catholics, if you can say the rosary, And back abortion too, Unless you repent, you won’t like eternity! Unbaptized aborted babies have a better chance than you! Protestants, I don’t care what your denomination said! You back abortion and you haven’t got a prayer. You can face God with at least 40 million dead? You have the nerve to tell him how much you care? Mormons, you know what your bishops teach! Abortion is a sin and you already know it. Obedience is

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Crime And Punishment. What if America got what she deserved!

America has turned away from the God of the Bible she once knew. What if God gave her what is her due? 40% of us didn’t bother to vote at all. So, God could justly punish 40% of us for letting America fall. 53% of those who voted, then voted for Obama. And he sees nothing wrong with the brutality of partial birth abortion trauma! So, God could punish those 53% who voted for this guy. Let’s see now … that’s about 70% of us who deserve to die! 200 million or so on the wrong side! 200 million who

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…