Daddy’s Tears

Dear Mama- I visited Daddy tonight, Mama- He came to me in a dream. We were in a park, and walked and talked, And we put our feet in a clear blue stream. Oh! How i love his face Mama! It is so fair and strong! And to feel his embrace, Oh! Mama! How I do so long! That it wasn’t “just a dream” But oh that it had been a reality! That we all could have been a true family! Then Mama, Daddy took me by the hand, I could feel that there was something he wanted me to

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Do You Want To Save The Children?

For those of you who prayed and prayed! For those of you whose nerves are frayed. For those of you who feel despair. I think I have an answer to your prayer. Those who voted for abortion may help us win the fight! I know! It sounds incredible! Yes! You heard me right! Does the slaughter of the children bother you? Would you like something tangible that you can do? My dear friends, here is the answer to your prayers! Have your children while the other side is aborting theirs! Their birthrate is a pathetic 1.1 or maybe 2. So

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Freedom is lost!

Land of the free? Home of the brave? I strongly disagree! America is more like a slave! We are not brave enough, To save little children who die in the womb! We used to be tough, But now, we meekly submit to the tomb. We voted for riches, Yet killed the ones who might have made it so. We are blind men falling into ditches, And so blind, that the reason for our blindness, we do not know. When life can be thrown away, Merely by a vote at the polls, Then, who hears us when we pray? Who will

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Hubert Humphrey

Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light, How we rip them from the womb, while insisting that we’re right! If this is what we do at dawn, God help us in the night! We will be pursued by enemies, from whom there will be no flight. By our ruthless choices, We have silenced 65 million voices That will never have spoken, Who might have healed us, but we remain broken! We can’t hear them cry, Because we don’t know who they are. It’s easy to let die, A single cell. That’s not going very far. Killing a

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I love you because God loves you

I love you because God loves you, For every baby who never got to see her mother’s love For every unborn beauty who’s life was snuffed out For every little one that never felt their father’s warm embrace For every single innocent baby that never got to grow up and experience God’s plan I want you to know something: I love you because God loves you, I, as a survivor of the abortion holocaust love you I, as a survivor of the abortion holocaust wouldn’t have allowed you to be killed I, as a survivor of the abortion holocaust, promise

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…