Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Notre Dame! What are you doing, in Jesus’ name? You invite Obama, because of his fame? Has the Catholic university gone tame? Killing babies and welcoming Obama is morally the same. Do you feel no guilt? No shame? Careful! Lest Jesus come and extinguish your holy flame!

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Obama’s inauguration: “Don’t you ruin the party!”

They say, “Come on! Give Obama a little grace.” Apparently, helpless children in the womb won’t have their place! Will the parades and confetti never cease? All the while, children in the womb, ripped out piece by piece! Our blood guilt destined only to increase. Let Obama put on airs! Who cares! Each baby would scream if it could! Silently but brutally, each limb and nerve tears! Oh well. What the hell! Their stories we’d rather not tell. They’ll ruin Obama’s party! They’ll break his magic spell!

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Partial Birth Abortion and Guns

You who complain about gun violence, And yet regarding partial birth abortion, there is an awkward silence! You’re angry about what the Supreme court did. Can’t you even protect a dangling kid? Yeah, I know, Bush’s ban is in place, But you’ll push the congress when it changes its face, And you’ll push the whitehouse when you get a new president, And you’ll leap for joy when the Whitehouse gets a new resident! Bullets rip through bodies, and this you decry! But a girl has the right to watch her baby die? When it comes to gun violence, you mourn

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Post Election Prayer

Lord, we sought to reach lost souls. Lord, we did our duty and went to the poles. Lord, we know you are at the controls. Lord, we faithfully said our prayers. And, what did we get? A Godless man who hangs out with radicals like William Ayers! Lord, we know that you use the weak to confound the strong. So, Lord, tell us, what went wrong? Lord, we tried to save millions of children in the womb from a brutal death. Lord, we cried out to you with passion in every breath! We admit it! Our nation has sinned. Godliness

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Reaping The Whirlwind!

An elderly lady lay sick and dying in her bed. Her children anxiously waited for her to at last be dead. It was costing them a fortune to keep her hanging on this way! When would she just end it all so their inheritance could pay! One brave son decided to get it over with and just go ahead and pull the plug. He thought that she was sleeping, and so he gave it a tug. Gasping in the throws of death, mother awoke, discovering that her life was nearly through! As she choked out her final breath she said,

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…