She Chose Life

At the age of 14 She became rebellious and wild. On the shoulders of her parents The grief and anguish was piled. She tossed aside her morals Without even a care, And with a man 8 years her senior They became a notorious pair. A year and a half later She would unexpectedly learn That she was 3 months pregnant. To whom could she turn? Her boyfriend was distant And showed no support. Others told her, “You’ll have to abort.” Her doctor, with coldness, said “Termination’s your best choice.” She touched her growing belly And thought, “Does my child have

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Terri Schiavo

I dreamed about the distant future. I saw an awesome sight! People stood before Almighty God! Some on His left, some on His right. I saw all people from first to last. I saw them all, from the far future to the ancient past. They came and came from their watery graves. I saw the mightiest of kings, and the lowliest of slaves. They rose from graveyards, from the dust of the ground. I saw those who died and had never been found. I saw tiny children with wonder and wisdom on each face. I saw mothers run to meet

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The Loving, The Wise, The Brave

Oh Jesus! If only America would be truly wise! Then we would not believe the lies. We would not be ignorant as each unborn child dies. Oh Jesus! If only America were loving and kind. Then we would have innocent children in the womb always on each mind. Room for the least of these we would always find. Oh Jesus! If only America were brave! To our passions we would no longer be a slave. Without hesitation, precious lives we would save. Without you, Jesus, we can be neither wise, or kind, or brave. Without you, Jesus, is there any

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Turn Up The Music!

In Germany, the churches sang their hymns, as the trains would rumble by! Cars, and more cars, were stuffed with Jews, heading for death camps, where they would die! The trains, the trains, made the church music, difficult to hear. The trains, the trains, they drew too near. The pastors had a practical solution, have no fear! The pastors decided that, the music, the pretty music, must ring forth, loud and clear. So, they directed, turn up the music, as the congregation sings! Sing louder, sing louder, to the King of Kings. Singing sweet hymns and fellowship, just a few

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Unjustifiable Murder

“ba-doosh, ba-doosh, ba-doosh, ba-doosh” The heart beats being magnified by the ultrasound Small hand, Small feet, Such a tiny little body about to be born. A hook A vacuum Used to evacuate the body A cry The first words The coos Never to be heard from the tiny body It’s ok to kill an unborn human being. Such an innocent little being But why is it not ok to kill a murderer An eye for an eye A life for a life It’s the immoral justice of it allAbortion is wrong The bible even says so “Thou shalt not kill.”

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how much longer will we remain silent?


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