What about rape or incest?

Inside, outside, upside-down! Moral outrage, if, your baby you drown. But inside the womb, we barely frown. Outside the womb, “never, never kill!” we loudly protest, “Not even in cases of rape or incest.” But inside the womb, don’t even suggest! Inside the womb, don’t even hint about incest or rape. Now, when does morality change its shape? Morality knows nothing of “how old, or how long.” Morality defends the weak or the strong. Morality doesn’t change the words to its song. Morality doesn’t play ping pong. Inside, or outside, its right, or its wrong.

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When did I Become Me?

Just when did I become me? I received my DNA immediately. So, from conception on, every cell was human-every cell of me! My miraculous computer code was there from the very start. My instructional code was there, weeks before the beating of my heart. In only 3 weeks, my heart began to beat. It would still take months for this process to be complete. In forty days my human brainwaves could be detected. Abortion is a moral judgment that says, this miracle should be rejected! In three months, my fingerprints were already unique. They arrived long before I could ever

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This poem is based on a true experience that was recounted to me, and shows the sort of thing that typically goes on in an abortion clinic. “Don’t look,” the nurse began to scold; but I did look, I had to look, I saw the sheet. I saw that bloody bundle in the fold! “You’ll forget.” That’s what they said; but how can I forget that my little baby’s dead! My God! My God! My little one! My little daughter, my little son! Jesus forgive me for what I’ve done! My God! My God! My little one! “You’ll forget.” That’s

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You say a woman Should have the right To choose abortion Without a fight. “Abortion leaves no scar” You insist… “Just a blob of tissue… A baby is yet to exist.” “A woman will be o.k… If she chooses abortion today…” But you have failed to see You’ve overlooked the biggest tragedy! Abortion scars the whole family! I lost a sister to “The Choice” To save her life, I had no voice. How am I supposed to convey The world of sadness that I’ve had to pay? From my home my sister has been missing Instead of grief, I should

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…