Audio Resources

Gregg Cunningham BBC Sussex Radio Interview (5:14)

(Gregg Cunningham BBC Sussex Radio Interview)

Why Abortion Is Genocide (1:15:45)

(Listen to Gregg Cunningham’s most popular and influential essay)

Darius Hardwick Radio Interview (14:44)

(CBR’s Darius Hardwick talks about the Genocide Awareness Project’s visit to Western Washington University)

Montana Public Radio Story (7:55)

(Montana Public Radio covers CBR’s Airborne Reproductive “Choice” Campaign)

GAP Radio Interview (28:19)

(CBR’s Michael Schrimsher is interviewed by Barb Shackelford, Executive Director of A Women’s Pregnancy Center, about the Genocide Awareness Project)

Catholic Answers Radio Interview (55:00)

(CBR Executive Director Gregg Cunningham is interviewed on Catholic Answers Radio)

John and Ken Radio Interview (31:14)

(CBR Executive Director Gregg Cunningham defends the Airborne Reproductive “Choice” Campaign and fields comments from angry callers)

NPR Covers GAP (5:37)

(National Public Radio covers GAP at the University of Kansas. This is the entire 5 minute program!)

Michael Jackson Radio Interview (90:00)

(CBR Director Gregg Cunningham is interviewed by radio host Michael Jackson)

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