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Should Christian Pro-Lifers Use Graphic Imagery?

Dear Jennifer, There was no mistake at all in my decision to send you the “Would Jesus Use Bloody Pictures” sign designs.  I suspected that these signs might be helpful to you as you consider the efficacy of graphic images as a means with which to express the inexpressible horror of abortion.  I believe my judgment was at least partially vindicated by your admission that, despite your initial misgivings, those signs “really speak to me.” William Wilberforce used deeply disturbing artists’ renderings to depict the unimaginable privations of slavery.  Photographs of children being mistreated in mines and mills and factories

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Star Wars and the State of the Union Address

Obama’s hypnotic effect on weak-minded voters reminds me of a classic exchange in the first Star Wars movie in which storm troopers, who are searching for Ben and Luke’s droids, stop Ben and Luke to interrogate them about the droids with which they are traveling.  One demands of Luke, “Let me see your identification.”  Ben intervenes and contradicts the trooper, “You don’t need to see his identification.”  After a confused pause, the trooper’s aggression gives way to compliance, “We don’t need to see his identification” he says.  Ben then asserts “These are not the droids you are looking for.”  The

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Opponents Of Military Gay Chaos Aren’t All Homophobes

Now that they have rolled back “Don’t Ask Don”t Tell,” gay rights activists will springboard to the argument that “If I can fight for my country, why can’t I marry my partner?”  The courts will soon be clogged with complaints by filed by Lambda lawyers on behalf of gays claiming to have been discriminated against in promotions and assignments, etc.  Military chaplains will risk their careers if they preach scripture which condemns homosexual behavior.  Any military members who express the slightest discomfort over leering bunkmates or open showers will end up in mandatory reeducation camp (sensitivity training) till they get

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Press Release: The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform

March 9, 2010 Beginning immediately, The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform will expand its operation of anti-abortion billboard trucks in the congressional districts of specially selected Members of the U.S. House of Representatives.  This campaign is being conducted to urge voters to express their opposition to the tax-funded abortion provisions contained in the President’s latest ObamaCare health “reform” proposal.  The billboard trucks will continue to operate until the final vote on the final measure related to the health care reform legislation currently making its way through both houses of Congress. Trucks will display large abortion photos in a campaign to remind

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Abortionists Use Women And Children As Human Shields

As we were erecting our Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) abortion photos on the campus of U.C. Berkeley in October of 2009, a female professor raged up to me and hissed “Shame on you for making women feel guilty about their abortions.” During our GAP display at Penn State, the campus paper printed a story in which Planned Parenthood argued that we shouldn’t show pictures of what their abortion clinics do to unborn children because it upsets born children. The Daily Collegian story was headlined, “Trucks bearing abortion pictures drive through town,” April 22, 2004. “Paula Nossek, health center manager for Planned Parenthood …

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…