CBR Continues To Challenge Canadian Censorship

In my June 2008 letter to our supporters I wrote about the student union at Canada’s York University attempting to ban funding for pro-life clubs.  Now it’s official; there will be no university funding for any secular student group which opposes abortion.  The June 13, 2008 issue of the student newspaper, Excalibur, featured an article titled “Student Union Cuts Funding to Pro-life Groups at York University.”  The article reads, in part, as follows: A motion put forward by the York Federation of Students [YFS] to deny club funding to non-religious pro-life groups has been ratified by the Canadian Federation of

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Exposing the Global Culture of Death

Dear Pro-Life Friend, Thank you so much for helping us save another baby on May 29, 2008.  The mother is a twenty-two-year- old woman from Detroit, MI, and here is what she said about abortion when she e-mailed us after seeing our aborted baby pictures:  “I am pregnant and people including the father want me to have one.  After watching these pictures I refuse to.”  What she saw changed her mind.  Our pictures proved to her that abortion was much worse than she had imagined and as a consequence, her baby will live.  Praise God!  These are the same pictures we show on the signs we display on college

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American College Of Obstetricians & Gynecologists Attempt To Force “The Mark Of The Beastâ€

Pro-life physicians who refuse to abort or refer for abortion could soon be denied board certification and its attendant professional and economic benefits.  This proposed requirement by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is pure politics.  It has nothing to do with medicine.  It is a crude, vindictive attempt to punish dissenting colleagues.  Any woman who is capable of getting herself to a doctor who won’t refer for abortion is capable of getting herself to a doctor who will. If Satan is the animating force behind abortion, is board certification about to become a precursor to the literal “mark

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Removing Ignorance or Removing Pictures?

It is an ongoing effort at CBR to teach other pro-life activists the importance of educating people on who the first trimester baby is and what abortion does to her. A tactical blunder often made by pro-life activists is to assume the truth that the pro-life activists have the burden to prove.  This is true when pro-life activists assume that the general public believes the first trimester baby is really a baby and not a blob of tissue. Sometimes the claim is made that using graphic imagery will do more harm than good.  But rarely is this claim backed up

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Caring for Mom and Baby

Recently CBR received a survey response to abortionNO.org in which a young woman expressed that she was “pregnant and contemplating abortion”.  CBR’s Crisis Pregnancy Outreach Director, Lois Cunningham , responds to all of those individuals who contact us and are in need of crisis pregnancy counseling or post-abortion counseling. Because we care for all the women like this so much, we wanted to share this message that Lois  sent to this young lady. The name in this letter has been changed to protect her privacy. Dear Anna, Thank you for taking time to visit abortionNO.org and completing our website survey.  I was

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…

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