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Coming soon: CBR national pickets of pharmacies which sell abortifacient drugs

  CBR defends all human beings regardless of age.

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Higher Purpose.

The smaller GAP signs (4′ by 8′) that CBR sells over the phone and online are printed with outdoor weatherable ink on either adhesive vinyl or vinyl with grommets. Shipping will generally be up to 3-4 weeks from the time that you place your order. We are unable to accommodate rush orders for GAP signs. To display GAP on a university campus, call 614-759-5195. IMPORTANT: Terms must be agreed to in order to purchase and utilize CBR’s GAP signs.

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Secret Abortion Practices in Spain

English translation of a report by Intereconomia on secret abortion practices in Spain

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The Most Shocking (graphic imagery), Four-Minute, Abortion Debate You Will Ever See!

This Angel of Light video combats the lies of Northland Family Planning with the horrible visual truth of what abortion is and does to a living baby.

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Killing George Tiller – Full Essay by Gregg Cunningham

Gregg’s June 2009 letter which discussed the George Tiller murder, was an abridged version of a full essay discussing the topic.  The full version is now available by clicking here.  Please forward this link to your friends and leave comments here on the blog.

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