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CBR Is Making Abortion Unthinkable In Florida

GAP Volunteer speak with student at University of Florida

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GAP at March For Life “Stuns”, “Silences” and Activates Pro-Lifers

From: email removed Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2010 3:21 AM To: Gregg Cunningham Subject: GAP Gentlemen/Ladies: My name is John*. I am a deacon in the Catholic Church and [in leadership at a seminary school]. I encountered your GAP display at the March for Life in Washington DC in January as I walked with my daughter. Her stunned silence and her insistence that we stop to carefully review the display was a powerful moment and demonstrated to me the enormous potential of your project. I would like to discuss linking your site to the [our schools bio-ethics center resources and

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Is CBR’s Use of Graphic Pictures “Sensationalism”?

From: Joe Sent: Monday, February 22, 2010 12:06 PM To: Gregg Cunningham Subject: I’m @ USF Dear Representatives. I’m a mature man with two grown children. I consider myself moderate politically, am a Catholic with an interest in Buddhism, and am proud that I’ve been a flower child and hippie during all of my sixty years. I’m just 100 feet away from the signage and representatives at USF. I didn’t bother to listen or get involved at all, and I wouldn’t anyway. What I feel is that although the graphics displayed are real, I feel their purpose is for sensationalism. As a writer

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Dr. Alveda King Endorses CBR Tactics

The niece of the late Martin Luther King Jr. talks about her grandfather (Martin Luther King Sr.) and his pro-life position.  She endorses CBR’s Genocide Awareness Project.

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Lila Rose of Live Action Endorses CBR’s Genocide Awareness Project

Lila Rose reports on site in Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley during CBR’s Genocide Awareness Project on October 26-27, 2009.

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…