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CBR’s Delivers Alternative Commencement Address At Notre Dame

Greetings Pro-Life Friends, You can download and read CBR’s  latest newsletter which reports on the happenings in South Bend. It is important to note that the whole country is watching the story at Notre Dame.  CBR is making that story about the humanity of the unborn and the inhumanity of abortion.  If the debate is about “Choice” we lose.  If the debate is about “What is being chosen“.  We win.  That is because what is being chosen is an indefensible act of violence against a baby.  Not everyone changes their minds when they see the truth but many do. CBR’s project at Notre Dame is

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Appropriate Discomfort in South Bend

CBR continues to make baby killing the issue at Notre Dame. Those complaining about the impossible to ignore pictures all over South Bend, are the very same people who wish to keep abortion legal.  The logic then is, it is justifiable for abortionists to kill the babies but wrong for CBR to show them.  CBR obviously rejects that “logic”. Gregg Cunningham’s monthly letter for the month of May can be downloaded and viewed here. CBR makes abortion impossible to ignore or trivialize every day all over the world.  That is made possible by individual supporters like you.  Help us save more

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CBR Called “Outside Agitators”

Local paper again:  Now we are “haters” and “outside agitators.”  Hmmm.  That last one has a familiar ring to it.  Didn’t I hear someone else called that in Alabama in the middle 1960s? Read the South Bend Tribune article titled:  ”No harm is done to a cause by listening to the other side” Gregg

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NY Times Reports on Notre Dame Project

More news from South Bend: CBR’s “10 Week Abortion” banner over Notre Dame during commencement weekend.

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LA Times And Others-CBR At Notre Dame

More stories continue to pour out of South Bend. ““I was expecting posters, trucks weren’t surprising, but to have a plane flying round the clock—really wasn’t expecting that,”  -Mihai Iancu, Notre Dame student. CBR continues to make Notre Dame students, and the country that is watching, think about abortion in a meaningful way.  In all the chaos, CBR’s pictures restore and keep meaning to the word abortion.   Don  

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…