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How Obama Gets Things Done

January 3, 2015 USA Today topped the front page of their December 31, 2014, edition with a story headlined “Obama takes aim at Gitmo, again.” The story details the president’s frustration with Congressional Republicans who refuse to allow him to close the Guantanamo Bay prison for captured Islamic fighters. Mr. Obama wants to bring these fanatical Islamists to the U.S. because he says the prison in Cuba “inspires anti-U.S. feelings across the globe” and “costs taxpayers millions of dollars to operate every year.” When has this president ever worried about burdening taxpayers? In his usual lawless manner, Mr. Obama is

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Sony, Kim Jong Un, and Obama

December 29, 2014 Sony Pictures recently received wall-to-wall press coverage for its craven and remarkably inept mishandling of the release of a low-brow comedy movie which offended North Korea’s brutal but buffoonish dictator, Kim Jong Un. The film, titled “The Interview,” was scheduled for Christmas Day release until North Korean cyber-thugs hacked Sony’s website and threatened terror attacks against theaters which screened the picture. Sony instantly caved and shelved the release in an attempt to appease their tyrannical tormentors. At long last, Barack Obama, America’s embarrassing appeaser-in-chief, found someone even weaker than he, and he quickly pounced. The December 20,

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Detailed NLRC Analysis Of ObamaCare Abortion Funding Loopholes

Detailed NLRC Analysis Of ObamaCare Abortion Funding Loopholes

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Star Wars and the State of the Union Address

Obama’s hypnotic effect on weak-minded voters reminds me of a classic exchange in the first Star Wars movie in which storm troopers, who are searching for Ben and Luke’s droids, stop Ben and Luke to interrogate them about the droids with which they are traveling.  One demands of Luke, “Let me see your identification.”  Ben intervenes and contradicts the trooper, “You don’t need to see his identification.”  After a confused pause, the trooper’s aggression gives way to compliance, “We don’t need to see his identification” he says.  Ben then asserts “These are not the droids you are looking for.”  The

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What’s good for House leaders is bad for members [The Examiner]

Guest Blog The Washington Examiner By: MICHAEL BARONE Senior Political Analyst March 17, 2010 The Democratic leadership’s struggle to pass the Senate health care bill in the House looks like a great case study for political scientists. They have many examples of the leaders of a party majority trying to push controversial legislation through a balky chamber. But seldom have the political incentives of the party leadership and the party’s members been so differently aligned. There is always some misalignment. Even when the party’s president and policies are widely popular, some of its House members will be representing districts

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