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Gregg Cunningham Interview with Pastor Matt Higa

Pastor Matt Higa of New Hope Kauai interviews Gregg Cunningham regarding abortion and the Church.

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Should Churches See Graphic Abortion Imagery?

Dear Ms. Smith, With all due respect, it is absurdly illogical to mischaracterize our cry for help as a protest.  The word “target” merely means to select.  It says nothing about the purpose for which that selection is being made. It is also idolatry to worship the church, and I fear that you are bowing down before an institution.  The church is to be respected (nothing we have ever done shows the slightest disrespect for the church) but the church is not sacred.  Our Savior is sacred.  In the 7th chapter of the book of Jeremiah, God commands his prophet to

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Video: Gregg Cunningham Speaks To UK Pro-life Activists

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BBC4 Interviews Gregg Cunningham

Check out Gregg Cunningham’s interview with BBC4 News (Michael Buchanan and John Humphrys) regarding the use of graphic imagery.

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GAP Changes Minds – Julie’s Story

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…