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Abortion Debate Which CBR’s Seth Gruber Organized At Westmont College

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Osama Bin Laden’s Death Made Alive By Imagery

We don’t have any of Mr. bin Laden’s postmortem photos – yet.  But I am confident that eventually we will.  Multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) petitions will be filed to force the release of the photos on grounds that they have been improperly classified.  The Pakistani release of grisly death photos of Mr. bin Laden’s closest associates vitiates any argument that Mr. bin Laden’s photos will add measurably to the Islamist outrage created by the photos of his aides.  Mr. Obama will deny the FOIA petitions and the issue will be litigated, with the courts ultimately ordering the release

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Should Christian Pro-Lifers Use Graphic Imagery?

Dear Jennifer, There was no mistake at all in my decision to send you the “Would Jesus Use Bloody Pictures” sign designs.  I suspected that these signs might be helpful to you as you consider the efficacy of graphic images as a means with which to express the inexpressible horror of abortion.  I believe my judgment was at least partially vindicated by your admission that, despite your initial misgivings, those signs “really speak to me.” William Wilberforce used deeply disturbing artists’ renderings to depict the unimaginable privations of slavery.  Photographs of children being mistreated in mines and mills and factories

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The Most Shocking (graphic imagery), Four-Minute, Abortion Debate You Will Ever See!

This Angel of Light video combats the lies of Northland Family Planning with the horrible visual truth of what abortion is and does to a living baby.

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Plane with Graphic Anti-Abortion Message Flies Over Hill City

ABC 13 – WSET Lynchburg, VA 2010-11-18

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…