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Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists

December 3, 2014 The December 3, 2014, New York Times published a story which reported that the three leaders of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement have called for an end to demonstrations against the government and a shift toward more sustainable, long-term tactics. They expressed concern that “street occupations were angering residents …” It is discouraging that so many of Hong Kong’s citizens are willing to surrender their freedom to preserve their convenience. This indifference to liberty, however, should come as no surprise. Historian Paul Johnson cites estimates suggesting that only one-third of American colonists supported the American Revolution, with one-third

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Gregg Cunningham Interview with Pastor Matt Higa

Pastor Matt Higa of New Hope Kauai interviews Gregg Cunningham regarding abortion and the Church.

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Email Response to Student: Meeting with the Associate Dean of Students

This is a great development Diana!  Now they will attempt to intimidate you and manipulate you and make the issue your defiance of their rules instead of their insistence on covering-up the truth about abortion.   I suggest that your default argument should be some variation of this: If a child fell into the Biola swimming pool, and you started to jump in to save her, but you were stopped by an administrator who warned you that pool regulations prohibit any entry into the water dressed in other than approved swimming attire, the administrator would arguably have the legal authority to declare you

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CBR-UK Director On Trial For Criminal Misconduct – He Displayed Our CBR Abortion Photos In England

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Salvo Magazine – Seeing is Convicting

Salvo Magazine runs a piece on the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, discussing our roots, mission, and goals… Click Here to read…

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