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The Power of Investigative Journalism

December 31, 2014 The founding fathers envisioned the news media as watchdogs against government corruption. Sadly, the news media itself has become so corrupted by political bias that journalists now work harder to defeat conservative initiatives than government misconduct. Occasionally, however, news organizations manage to fulfill the noble role for which the framers had hoped. December 20, 2014, the Los Angeles Times published a story headlined “Produce industry promised to improve Mexican farmworker conditions.” The article announced pledges from government agencies and industry marketing groups to crack down on the secret abuse of the migrant workers who cultivate so much

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CBR-UK Director On Trial For Criminal Misconduct – He Displayed Our CBR Abortion Photos In England

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Furedi & Himmler?

               Ann Furedi                                                 Heinrich Himmler Ann Furedi was particularly offended when I told BBC Radio4’s John Humphreys that abortion is genocide and analogized the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas) to the SS apparatus of the “Thousand-Year Reich.”  The program host was also offended by this comparison but I wasn’t merely speaking figuratively.  Ms. Feredi helped validate my genocide contention in 2008 when, as the director of the UK’s largest abortion

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Video: Gregg Cunningham Speaks To UK Pro-life Activists

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Rape & Abortion: Save The Innocent Child, Help The Innocent Mother & Punish The Guilty Rapist

In America, when an innocent woman is raped and conceives an innocent child, we kill the baby.  In many other cultures, they kill the rape victim.  Why are innocent mothers and children being punished for the crimes of rapists?  Why aren’t we saving the innocent baby, helping the innocent mother, and punishing the guilty rapist?  There are waiting lists of prospective adoptive parents who will deeply love a child produced by rape.  The humane solution to the violence of rape is never the violence of abortion.  Nor is it the violence of “honor killings” which execute the rapist’s victim. Consider

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…