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Blue Dog Tour Signs

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Dr. Alveda King Endorses CBR Tactics

The niece of the late Martin Luther King Jr. talks about her grandfather (Martin Luther King Sr.) and his pro-life position.  She endorses CBR’s Genocide Awareness Project.

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The Pictures Work, IF, you have a functioning conscience

CBR visits the University of Houston in Texas this week.  Here is an email exchange between a University of Houston student and CBR director Gregg Cunningham: From: Ms. M Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 2:58 PM To: Gregg Cunningham Subject: inspired by the GAP project To the directors and members of the Center for Bio-ethical Reform: After seeing your presentation at the University of Houston this week, I was shocked into awareness. I would like to share the effects that your presentation has had on me. However, I was not shocked by your graphic images. What shocked me was your

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Photos Depicting Abortion Can Change Mindset

A Knoxville journalist writes about the impact CBR’s abortion imagery had on him and why the people of Knoxville said “NO” to Planned Parenthood: Photos Depicting Abortion Can Change Mindset

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CBR To Educate Berkeley Students On Abortion

PRESS RELEASE: The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) Goes To Berkeley Monday, October 26th and Tuesday the 27th, CBR, in conjunction with Berkeley Students for Life (BSL), will sponsor the Genocide Awareness Project on Sproul Plaza at U.C. Berkeley. The exhibit is designed to establish that abortion is genocide, not health care. Slavery-Bigotry Reproductive Care   The display will be exhibited from approximately 9:00am until 5:00pm both days. More of the signs comprising the Genocide Awareness Project can be viewed at Mark Harrington (614-419-9000), Fletcher Armstrong (865-776-1312) and Don Cooper (541-760-6620) of CBR and Alberto Gonzalez, director of BSL (925-451-5959), will be

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…

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