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CBR: A Fighter Still Fighting

We just posted Gregg’s latest letter on the CBR Web site:  CBR:  A Fighter Still Fighting Find the archive of present and past CBR Newsletters here: Please pass this link on to your friends.

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George Tiller-Symptom or Problem?

Read Gregg Cunningham’s latest monthly letter about the George Tiller murder and what is the real problem the pro-life movement needs to focus on.  Click Here. Help CBR grow its outreach, share this letter with your friends.

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Do Women Know About Pregnancy Resource Centers?

There is a belief amongst some in the pro-life community that most women are unaware of the help offered by Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs). However, the facts are that most women are aware of PRCs and the help they offer.  Studies also show that most women have a positive view of PRCs. Recently CBR Executive Director Gregg Cunningham and a pro-life activist discussed this topic.  Below is the reply from Gregg on this very issue.  Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual/organization involved in this discussion.   Dear Ms. Smith, We would be willing to help

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Caring for Mom and Baby

Recently CBR received a survey response to in which a young woman expressed that she was “pregnant and contemplating abortion”.  CBR’s Crisis Pregnancy Outreach Director, Lois Cunningham , responds to all of those individuals who contact us and are in need of crisis pregnancy counseling or post-abortion counseling. Because we care for all the women like this so much, we wanted to share this message that Lois  sent to this young lady. The name in this letter has been changed to protect her privacy. Dear Anna, Thank you for taking time to visit and completing our website survey.  I was

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December Update

On November 17, 2006 we saw still more dramatic evidence of the power of pictures to change minds and save lives. A twenty-one-year-old woman from Troy, AL, wrote us after seeing our aborted baby photos and said: I was considering having it [abortion] done. I am six weeks pregnant, and after seeing these pictures I could not even consider it. I am glad I don’t have to think about that decision anymore. It would have hurt me more to go through with it than have the baby. When someone has a functioning conscience, the facts matter. But alas, not everyone does. Professor

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how much longer will we remain silent?


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