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Statement regarding conviction of James Pouillon’s murderer

On March 11, 2010, a Michigan jury found Harlan Drake guilty of the murder of CBR volunteer James Pouillon.  Mr. Pouillon was shot and killed because Mr. Drake was angry that he was displaying abortion photo signs to students whose teachers were covering up the horror of abortion.  The Flint Journal newspaper reported March 10, 2010 (“Jury to begin deliberating Harlan Drake trial Thursday morning”) that Mr. Drake testified “he felt no remorse” for Mr. Pouillon’s killing.  According to the prosecutor in the case, “Drake considered himself a hero for the slayings.” Jesus said to His followers in John 16:2,

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The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Invites Randall Terry To Sue Us

In response to Randall Terry’s statement on Scott Roeder’s murder of George Tiller , Gregg Cunningham, of the Center For Bio-Ethical Reform, replies as follows: Mr. Terry, You chide me for not “picking up the phone” to “check the facts” before condemning your attempt to minimize the murder of George Tiller but what facts would have rebutted published newspaper photos of you displaying signs which argued that Scott Roeder’s motives in killing George Tiller made his crime less than murder? When you tell The New York Times (January 28, 2010, “Doctor’s Killer Puts Abortion on the Stand”) that you are not “condemning

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CBR Challenges Missionaries To The Preborn Over Violence and Copyright Violations

Dear Mr. Trewhella, It has come to our attention that your website features a “Multimedia” presentation whose first five abortion photos belong to The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform. Our records indicate that you are using them without proper licensing. Because internet piracy is rampant among some unprincipled anti-abortion activists, we are prepared to assume that you came into possession of these photos through some third-party and were unaware of the fact that they had been stolen. Now that you have received formal notice of this violation of federal copyright law, we expect that you will remove these materials from

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The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform Condemns Randall Terry’s Support For Violence Against Abortion Providers

PRESS RELEASE THE CENTER-FOR-BIO-ETHICAL REFORM February 1, 2010 PO Box 219, Lake Forest, CA 92609,, 949-206-0600 THE CENTER FOR BIO-ETHICAL REFORM CONDEMNS RANDALL TERRY’S SUPPORT FOR VIOLENCE AGAINST ABORTION PROVIDERS The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) today condemned Randall Terry’s support for violence against abortion providers. CBR also applauded the conviction of Scott Roeder for the murder of abortionist George Tiller and condemned the abortion industry for slaughtering children on a scale which dwarfs every atrocity in all of human history. The Associated Press reported a story on January 31, 2010 headlined “Conviction angers anti-abortion militants” which quotes

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CBR gives thanks for the work of martyred pro-life hero James Pouillon

Martyred pro-life hero James Pouillon (white cap) holds CBR sign at Notre Dame Obama protest – May 2009

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…