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Gregg Cunningham WHY KILLING ABORTIONISTS IS IMMORAL AND STUPID In formulating a policy which forbids the use of our copyrighted materials by those who refuse to condemn abortion-related violence and or refuse to disassociate themselves from those who refuse to condemn abortion-related violence, we have not specified the meaning of the word “violence” for the same reason we have not specified the meaning of the word “word.” Its meaning is obvious. The reason so many pro-life activists so readily sign this agreement is because common sense dictates that words be understood to be used to convey their common meanings

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Killing George Tiller – Full Essay by Gregg Cunningham

Gregg’s June 2009 letter which discussed the George Tiller murder, was an abridged version of a full essay discussing the topic.  The full version is now available by clicking here.  Please forward this link to your friends and leave comments here on the blog.

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The Horror of Abortion Procedures

Dear Pro-Life Friend, On  November 13, 2008, we received a message from a twenty-nine-year-old woman from Rochester, MN.  She had just seen our abortion pictures and said: “I have always considered myself pro-life but I have never felt the rage of the injustice until seeing this.”  On November 16, a twenty-nine-year-old woman from Warner Robins, GA, told us:  “…seeing these videos has made me more proactive about speaking out against this heinous act.” On November 16, a seventeen-year-old boy from Statesville, NC, said: “I can’t believe this really happens.  It never hit me this hard till I saw this website.  THESE ARE

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how much longer will we remain silent?

I will use my life to save theirs…

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