Email Response to Student: Meeting with the Associate Dean of Students

This is a great development Diana!  Now they will attempt to intimidate you and manipulate you and make the issue your defiance of their rules instead of their insistence on covering-up the truth about abortion.   I suggest that your default argument should be some variation of this:

If a child fell into the Biola swimming pool, and you started to jump in to save her, but you were stopped by an administrator who warned you that pool regulations prohibit any entry into the water dressed in other than approved swimming attire, the administrator would arguably have the legal authority to declare you a trespasser and threaten to withhold your diploma, suspend you, expel you, or even arrest if you jumped into the water in street clothes.  But would he have the spiritual authority to order you to refrain from saving the child’s life?  Would it glorify God for you to comply and thereby allow the child to die?

If the administrator ordered you to refrain from doing something which you knew would save a child’s life and you complied because you decided that bureaucratic rules were more important than human lives, would you not both be judged by God for the most Pharisaic sort of legalism?

The difference between my hypothetical and reality is that children aren’t falling into Biola’s figurative swimming pool:  They are being thrown in, and you can save some of them.  They may think that upsetting passersby is worse than getting lint in the pool filters but, allowing savable babies to die is infinitely worse than either.

What is the worst thing Biola can do to you for breaking this rule?  Would it be more injurious to you than the guilt you would feel at allowing savable children to perish?  What is the worst consequence Biola will suffer if you refuse to comply with this regulation?  Passersby being upset?  Can’t those passersby easily avert their gaze?  Is that too heavy a burden to impose if doing so saves even one life?

What consequence will Biola suffer if they punish you for showing the truth?  A ruinous public relations train wreck.  We will film your arrest if they go that route and post it all over the internet.  If they don’t punish you, however, the cover-up will end and serious abortion education will suddenly become possible.

If you remain strong you will set an inspiring example of self-sacrifice which would embolden students at Christian colleges all across the country.  You can be gracious and gentle but respectfully refuse to be intimidated into accepting Biola’s long-running abortion cover-up.

Tell them you are willing to post warning signs as we do at all public universities at which we display these abortion photos.  Tell them you are willing to make toll-free phone numbers available for people who need to talk to a pregnancy resource or post-abortion counselor.  But tell them you won’t display the signs where few passersby travel and you won’t turn the signs away from pedestrian traffic.  Again, people who don’t want to look are free to avert their gaze, but you are going to expose the deeds of darkness (Ephesians 5:11).  We will get you the best lawyers if necessary and I assure we will stand with you all the way.


Lord Bless,


Gregg Cunningham

The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform

PO Box 219

Lake Forest, CA 92609


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