Forcing Adversaries To Say Ridiculous Things

The real power of publicly displaying aborted baby photos is that it forces our adversaries, who normally try to avoid debating us, to come out from under their rocks and engage us.  When they do, they say things which are so ridiculous that almost everyone can tell they have no compelling moral argument with which to justify baby-killing.  Pro-abortion students on a university campus on which we recently exhibited aboriton photos accussed us of “disrespecting the babies.” The what?  That sounds like an admission to us.  But it also forces the “pro-lifers,” who insist on covering up the horror of abortion, to reveal their tactical and strategic confusion.  Pro-life students on a different campus recently implied that protesting abortion by prayer vigils is “peaceful” but showing photos is not.  Huh?  Do they think we beat people over the heads with our signs?  Our abortion pictures make everyone start talking and as logic flies out the window, what many have to say is not a pretty picture.

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how much longer will we remain silent?

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