Graphic Images Used To Teach About The Dangers of Reckless Driving

A public service announcement in the UK is using a very disturbing and graphic commercial to teach about the dangers of text messaging while driving.  While the commercial is very disturbing, few if any people are decrying this teaching technique. In fact one news source reporting on this controversy put it this way, “The use of graphic images to dissuade people from reckless behavior behind the wheel is not a new technique. I remember seeing video in a drivers’ education class in the early 1970s that had a montage of broken cars and gory bodies, some of them still alive and in pain, to warn against bad driving habits.”

Words alone cannot communicate the horror of a traffic accident and the horrible consequences that too often result from driving in a careless manner.  When teaching about abortion the same can be said in that it is impossible to teach in an intellectually honest way the horror of abortion without showing images of it.  Lives are lost when we hide the horror of driving careless and lives are lost when we hide the horror of abortion.

This is another example of the double standard in our education networks and institutions today.  We pray for the day when the same standard of eduction would be applied to education on abortion as is the standard in driver’s education. In the mean time CBR will do its best to educate the world on who the baby is and what abortion does to her. And yes we must do it visually like everyone else.

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