2022 Pro-Life Internship

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Tired of putting your heart and hard work into pro-life efforts that go largely ignored? Want to do something that ends abortion instead of just fighting it? Not sure how to be effective? CBR may be just the place for you! 

“Before this summer, I never even considered doing pro-life work, much less making it a career. Now, defending the preborn is what I feel called to do with my life.”

– Heidi Whaley 2020 Intern 


You will equip yourself with knowledge through classroom training, reading, and Bible study. You will learn the best ways to articulate and defend the pro-life position. You will learn how other reformers have ended deadly injustices over the past 250 years, so you can do what they did. You will learn how to raise financial support for your pro-life work.


You will go to busy street corners, engage passersby, answer serious questions, and change hearts and minds. As a young person, other teens and young adults will listen to you. That’s important, because they are the most abortion-vulnerable age group.


You will host a leadership camp for teen pro-lifers and teach them how to be more effective pro-life ambassadors.

Summer 2022 Intern Program: May 15 – August 6

Where: Knoxville, Tennessee

Stipend: You will have the option to be paid as much as $5,000 for the summer. You can also raise money to pay for your travel to Knoxville. CBR may be able to assist you with inexpensive housing arrangements, but this is not guaranteed.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2022.

Must be 18 or older (by May 15) to apply.

Successful applicants will be notified of acceptance into the program by March 26.

Why CBR?

Our strategy is based on successful models of social reform demonstrated by Martin Luther King (segregation), William Wilberforce (slavery), Lewis Hine (abusive child labor), Alice Seeley Harris (atrocities in the Congo), and others. These pioneers demonstrated that injustice must be exposed. In fact, history offers no example of an injustice eradicated by covering it up. Not one. But when injustice is exposed, the public is moved to reject it. While political lobbying can also be valuable, CBR focuses not on changing the minds of politicians, but on changing the minds of the electorate. As the people’s hearts and minds change, their votes change, and that is what decides public policy.

The other side has made killing children a full-time profession, but, unfortunately, pro-lifers have made saving them a part-time hobby. If you join us, we can show you how you can make saving children, moms, and families your life’s vocation. All of us at CBR could have been engineers, chemists, lawyers, pastors, teachers, etc. We gave all of that up because somebody else would do that other work, but very few are willing to spend their careers ending child sacrifice. Maybe you are one of the few. If you’re interested but not sure whether pro-life work is for you, that’s OK; this is a great opportunity to learn and find out!

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Please send questions to intern@cbrinfo.org

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