Mentally Ill? Us?

Dear Mr. U,


Thank you for taking the time to read our press release and comment. Because you do not cite a single specific example to substantiate your claim that we are misrepresenting ObamaCare, I can only assume that you did not read the essay ( described in the press release. Every representation we make in the essay (no, it isn’t a parable) is documented with detailed quotes which we reference with cites to the original sources. Much of the essay analyzes direct quotes from Mr. Obama and his senior officials. Impugning our mental health is no substitute for a reasoned dialogue, Mr. Uicker. Even if we are crazy, Mr. Obama is still not telling the turth, as our essay conclusively proves. Don’t take my word for that fact. Read the essay. Then once you have your facts straight, please feel free to write again. By the way, I thank God I am not in need of mental health treatment, because at my age, if ObamaCare were to become law, I might end up in front of one of some rationing board (a.k.a. Sarah Palin’s “death panels”).


Lord bless,


Gregg Cunningham


From: Bill U
Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 11:25 PM
To: Gregg Cunningham
Subject: Article on New Obama-Joker Poster as Outrageous as Obama-Care


I just read the article at this address:

I suppose, from the heading that this article is the sentiments of Mark Harrington at the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.  The article also is apparently at least partly written by Gregg Cunningham.  As such, I don’t know to which gentleman to address this.  Please share this email with either responsible party.

I think whoever wrote this is sick and needs help.  There is ample information available from official and reputable sources that what you claim in this article is false.  In fact, there is such evidence available to infer that if you are capable of reading an email or writing a sentence, you must know these claims are inaccurate.  One can only deduce that whoever wrote this article or hosted it on a website is maliciously propagating lies.  The nature of these lies (e.g. “Obamacare” – which itself doesn’t exist, I figure you must mean HR3200 – defines abortion as “essential care”,  or Obamacare promotes euthanasia) are so twisted and contrived, that I don’t think the author has a grasp of reality.  I think this person needs some kind of mental health assistance or an intervention of some kind.

Strangely, this website is represented as somehow Christian.  Are the hosts doing some kind of representation of how to help the mentally ill – some kind of performance art or parable?

Please explain this shocking web site.

Bill U

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