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May Testimonies: Abortion Photos Work
Apr CBR-UK Pregnancy Care Centre Vision Becoming Reality
Mar CBR-UK Makes History in Aberdeen, Scotland
Feb Center for Bio-Ethical Reform 2019 Annual Report
Jan Passion for Preborn Babies


Dec Victories in 2019
Nov GAP at California State University, Long Beach
Oct God Gives CBR a California Supreme Court Victory
Sep CBR Helps Start Crisis Pregnancy Medical Clinic
Aug CBR Wins BIG Freedom of Speech Case in California Court of Appeal
Jul Liberty and Lee Universities — Confusion about Abortion
Jun Good vs. Evil Evident during GAP at San Francisco State University
May NYPD Police Protect CBR Expressive Rights in New York City
Apr No More Embryonic Stem Cell Research for UCI Man
Apr CBR Appeal Letter April 2019
Mar Irish Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Report
Feb Center for Bio-Ethical Reform 2018 Annual Report
Jan CBR Signs Expose Planned Parenthood’s Eugenics Legacy


Dec Victories in 2018
Dec CBR Appeal Letter December 2018
Nov GAP at Old Dominion University
Oct The Parable Plays at Liberty University
Sep Forcing a Political Debate on Abortion
Aug Victory in Ireland
Aug CBR Appeal Letter August 2018
Jul GAP Reaches North Carolina College Students
Jun Exposing the Truth Wins the Argument in San Diego
May CBR Appeal Letter May 2018
A/M Irrespective of the Outcome of Ireland’s Abortion Referendum …
Mar Barna Research Discusses Effectiveness of Graphic Videos
Feb Center for Bio-Ethical Reform 2017 Annual Report
Jan Completing the Mission – Fall GAP in the Northwest