Obama Puts Lipstick On Another Appointee’s Radicalism

Maryann the Obama administration is filled with people just like this John Holdren (science czar) guy who have said and done outrageous things earlier in their careers and now offer lame excuses for which the press gives them a pass.  It doesn’t matter whether it is this scientist who says he can’t fairly be held accountable for his book which considers (without condemning) forced abortion, etc. because it was just an academic treatise and it was thirty years ago and he had two coauthors.  Well if it was his coauthors who seemed to have no problem with forced abortion and not he, why didn’t he say so in the book? Why didn’t he say so after the book was published.  If he believed in forced abortion then but changed his mind later, why did he wait until he wanted a senior government job to announce that fact?  This is like Tim Guitner getting a pass as IRS chief when he has cheated on his taxes and Sonya Sotomayor getting a pass as Supreme Court nominee when she has repeatedly made racist remarks.  It is like senior White House health care advisor Ezekiel Emanuel postulating denial of care to patients with dementia in article in which he qualified those remarks by saying he didn’t “fully” support such a policy.  Radical liberals don’t care about truth.  They don’t care about preserving the integrity of our institutions.  They care about power. They will do whatever they need to do to get it and use it to achieve their autocratic goals.  And the state-owned, state-run news media will run interference and carry water for them.  There is a very disturbing pattern here.  I fear we are witnessing the end of a once great nation.


Gregg Cunningham

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