Opponents Of Military Gay Chaos Aren’t All Homophobes

Now that they have rolled back “Don’t Ask Don”t Tell,” gay rights activists will springboard to the argument that “If I can fight for my country, why can’t I marry my partner?”  The courts will soon be clogged with complaints by filed by Lambda lawyers on behalf of gays claiming to have been discriminated against in promotions and assignments, etc.  Military chaplains will risk their careers if they preach scripture which condemns homosexual behavior.  Any military members who express the slightest discomfort over leering bunkmates or open showers will end up in mandatory reeducation camp (sensitivity training) till they get their minds right.  The hyper-promiscuous lifestyles of many gay men (sorry for the unavoidable stereotyping) will provoke constant misunderstandings and conflicts with the straight troops with whom they will be living in close quarters – just as forcing women to bunk and shower with men would.  Regulating this disaster is going to waste huge amounts of time and money.  Gay skin mags on display in the base exchange?  In the barracks?  Homoerotic pinup pictures on the walls?

And all on the theory that homosexual inclinations are genetically derived and that our DNA is our irritable destiny.  But common sense teaches that we are all born with inclinations which we can choose to indulge or resist.  Some of those inclinations are healthy and others not so much.  There may well be an element of genetic determinism in homosexual preferences but there is also an element of choice and learning.  Otherwise we are robots and free will is an illusion.

This country’s rush to obsessive self-indulgence will become a stampede if we increasingly create special rights to facilitate each and every fetish championed by every deviant who argues “I were born that way.”

That argument supposedly ends the debate over whether society should go beyond permitting controversial behaviors and start to reflexively legitimize them.  Amorality is becoming the new ethos because only bigots are judgmental.  This military policy decision may or may not do irreparable damage to national security but it will not be remotely comparable to the transitional turmoil which resulted from the racial integration of the military.

Almost everyone knew at some level that those absurd prejudices would eventually diminish, not least because there is nothing in the Bible which specifies that birth with black skin is sinful.  Nor is there is nothing in the Bible which specifies that birth with homosexual tendencies is sinful; or a predilection toward fornication or adultery.  It is the illicit behavior which is problematic and therefore proscribed by the sacred books of the great monotheistic religions from which we derive the cultural values which inform our legal system.

There will be no end to this conflict and it is only a proxy for countless other gay rights agenda items.  Gays already had the right to serve in the military.  But they wanted society to let soldiers flaunt their homosexuality as confirmation of the notion that homosexual behavior is the moral equivalent of heterosexual behavior.  Gays already have the right to enter into civil unions.  But they want society to give them marriage as confirmation of the notion that homosexual behavior as the moral equivalent of heterosexual behavior.  Ultimately they will demand civil and or criminal prohibitions against any criticism of homosexual behavior.

This is about symbolism and symbols matter more than our increasingly secular churches understand.  It matters a lot what very young children are taught in our schools about sexuality.  It matters a lot whether teaching the indisputable facts about the health risks of homosexual behavior is banned as hate speech.  It matters a lot whether churches lose their tax exemptions for preaching scripture.

The pagans are winning the Culture Wars on gay rights and abortion because liberal politicians are far more determined than conservative pastors.  But the Books of Daniel and Revelations tell us that reinforcements are on their way — to turn the tide of battle once and for all.  We must love and pray for our lost gay and lesbian brothers and sisters but we must not give an inch of ground to their ruinous agenda.

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