Pres. Nixon Would Have Aborted Pres. Obama

Today, June 24, 2009, The New York Times reported a story headlined “Tapes Reveal Nixon’s View of Abortion,” which quotes late president Richard Nixon as expressing the view that “‘There are times when an abortion is necessary.  I know that.  When you have a black and a white,’ he told an aide, before adding:  ‘Or a rape.’”  Ah, as regards the former, that would be Pres. Barack Obama, who “had a black and a white” parent.  It is also stunning that Mr. Nixon assessed a bi-racial couple as an evil on the same order of magnitude as a sexual assault.  Both, in his view, justified killing the resulting but innocent baby.  Earlier in the same conversation he expressed concern that abortion was undesirable because “it breaks the family.”  He apparently believed that the need to kill mixed-race babies was so compelling that it justified ”breaking” inter-racial families.  I wonder if he would have maintained such a primitive view had he seen our abortion videos?  I would like to think not but this troubled man (in whose Presidential Administration I served for two summers as a legislative research assistant while in law school) was certainly capable of jaw-dropping, moral discontinuities.

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