August 17, 2009


The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform


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Senior White House advisor David Axelrod spam-blasted a “viral” email Thursday, August 13, 2009, intended to “debunk” what he called the health care reform “lies and distortions” which are currently “flying unchecked under the radar.” The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) announced today that it is responding with its own email reply campaign, intended to debunk the lies and distortions contained in Mr. Axelrod’s email message.


The following statement was issued by CBR director Gregg Cunningham:


Americans don’t want to pay for mandatory insurance which defines baby-killing as “essential care.” They are turning against “‘end-of-life” counseling which is more coercive than consultative. It is becoming increasingly clear that this horrifying plan is designed to reduce the numbers of preborn children who could ruin their parents’ careers and the numbers of elderly parents who might spoil their children’s retirements.


CBR will urge every recipient of the CBR Obama-Care email to also read the short Obama-Care analysis at CBR will also encourage recipients to forward this message to their entire email list, as David Axelrod is encouraging be done with his White House message. CBR is additionally working to persuade every opponent of Obama-Care to forward this email message, with the Joker image, to the address, This address was established by the White House to enable snitches to inform on fellow Americans who are expressing “fishy” opposition to this dangerous and disingenuous plan. CBR believes that the “fishiest” aspect of the health care reform debate is the dishonesty with which Mr. Obama and his socialist friends are trying to ram it down the throats of the American people.


The website provides important information on health care policy, including the analysis at, which exposes the scurrilous deceptions being practiced by Mr. Obama and congressional Democrats. The far left’s campaign to hijack the nation’s health care system is diabolically clever. Mr. Obama is the increasingly scary pitchman whose game is “hide the ball.” He diverts attention from the malfeasance of congressional co-conspirators who draft abortion and euthanasia bills which carefully avoid trigger words such as words “abortion” and “euthanasia.” These Culture-of-Death lawmakers quietly confer on unelected bureaucrats the authority to later broaden abortion access and ration elder care (amounting to constructive euthanasia). All-the-while, the state-run media parrots White House talking points and Democrat Members of Congress hide from constituents whose patriotism and virtue they question when any dare resist.


On June 29, 2009, The Wall Street Journal reported (“Obama’s Health Future”) a conversation Mr. Obama had at an ABC-televised “town hall meeting.” He was speaking with the daughter of a 105-year-old woman who had initially been denied a pacemaker five years ago but successfully fought the denial. The device succeeded in giving her five more years of life. The daughter asked Mr. Obama if his plan would consider the “spirit” of a patient in making funding decisions for treatment and the president pointedly refused to say “yes.” In a mildly scolding tone, he lectured that “…at least we can let doctors know and your mom know that, you know what? Maybe this isn’t going to help. Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but asking for the painkiller.”


In the United States, a pacemaker costs about $40,000. Approximately 100,000 patients receive them each year. The total cost of their treatment amounts to some $4 billion. That sounds like lot of money but it is actually less than Americans spend annually on chewing gum ($5 billion). Can we really not afford to give a pacemaker to a spirited senior citizen? In recent years, Americans have spent, per annum, $24 billion on DVDs, $28 billion on candy, $36 billion on tobacco products, $40 billion on coffee, $52 billion on pets, $91 billion on gambling, $93 billion on non-alcoholic beverages, $100 billion on alcoholic beverages, $183 billion on consumer electronics, $390 billion on restaurants, and $457 billion celebrating Christmas. One trillion is a thousand billion, so these discretionary acquisitions have cost us, in the aggregate, about $1.5 trillion per year. That is almost exactly the amount the Congressional Budget Office estimated that Mr. Obama’s health reform package would cost over ten years. It is approximately two-thirds the $2.3 trillion we spend on health care each year and that list doesn’t include sporting goods or vacation travel or countless other non-essentials on which Americans spend hundreds of billions of additional dollars.


The idea that we are so improvised that we must give pain pills to elderly Americans who need pacemakers is absurd.


The Democrat National Committee claims that if we do nothing about health care, insurance premiums will rise faster than paychecks, insurance companies will dictate treatment, insurance company profits will soar as they deny coverage, and insurance companies will require copayments and out-of-pocket expenses which will become increasingly unaffordable. But giving us a choice between doing nothing and doing Obama-Care is a false dilemma of the worst sort.


Real health care reform would amend medical malpractice tort laws to ban junk lawsuits. It would enact prohibitions against insurance exclusions based on pre-existing conditions. It would require portability of health insurance for people changing jobs. It would create a coherent system of electronic prescriptions and records. It would pay doctors based on performance instead of the numbers of procedures they perform. It would revise the tax-code to enable Americans to economically purchase insurance as individuals. And it would increase competition by allowing the marketing of health insurance coverage across state lines. These reforms would improve every aspect of health care, without the government taking control of every aspect of our lives. But that is exactly why Mr. Obama and his left-wing allies oppose reform which empowers patients instead of politicians.


The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says that Mr. Obama’s dangerous experiment with America’s health care system will increase costs by $1.6 TRILLION over the next ten years. Two senior White House economic advisers recently let the cat out to the bag and disclosed the already obvious fact that Mr. Obama will raise taxes on every American now living and millions still unborn (if his plan doesn’t abort them first) to pay for this boondoggle. Americans can stop this scandal if they read the PDF on the CBR website and send it to their friends and family. It will also send a message to Mr. Obama if opponents of Obama-Care send this email message to the State Security thugs at


This battle isn’t going to end with the defeat of the current range of health care “reform” bills. The dreadful people promoting these frightening initiatives will be back. They understand the power of incrementalism. Problematic provisions such as those relating to end-of-life issues may be modified but if so, the new language is probably going to be deceptive and these provisions are likely to remain troubling because of the utilitarian bias of the bureaucrats who will administer the legislation. Where such language is removed altogether, look for it to pop back up from another committee or floor amendment or conference committee or administrative regulation. This is a struggle between good and evil and it will never end.


Reader Comments


petra (Oct 18, 2010 / 18:46 PDT)

I agree that we all have strange priorities when it comes to what we spend our money on, but it is hardly fair to compare what tax money is spent on versus money in-hand spent by individuals. It would be more fair to compare what amount of tax money is spent on health care for the country’s citizens versus how much is spent on building highways to access new subdivisions or on the war machine, which is based on American ideologies being forced on other cultures (for their own good, of course) and/or on protecting American-claimed resources on foreign soil. (I fully realize that pretty much every other country in the world fights on foreign soil – I’m just using your own country as an example).

Why is an unborn child more important than someone’s 20-year old son or daughter who is recruited to fight more often than not under false pretenses (as history sooner or later tells us)?

I would be more impressed if you included a strong stance against violence against anyone of any age, not just unborn babies and the elderly. I am also not impressed by your ‘Christian’ foundation. Why do Christians continually reference verses from the New Testament, which were more politically-correct words written by men long after the fact (if, indeed, any of it is fact), while conveniently ignoring the Old Testament violence and – oh, yes – genocide perpetrated by a jealous and vengeful god? Let me suggest that you keep any Christian or anti-Obama stuff quiet in order to influence a broader audience. As it stands, you are immediately turning off any Obama supporters or non-Christians, so they probably won’t really listen to your message, no matter how in-your-face it is.

The whole point of universal health care is to give everyone of every age and every economic level access to health care. Your 100-plus-year-old did not have access before and probably still doesn’t because you still do not have a government-run health care system. Obama was trying to compromise with the Republicans on this issue and therefore ended up with a worthless bill. He should have stuck to his guns and overhauled the whole system (including many of the suggestions you make), but he probably would have been lynched. So, the United States is pretty much the only ‘Western’ society without universal health care, but you still somehow have one of the largest debt-to-GDP ratios.

If these (mostly) right-wing extremists don’t want a ‘socialist’ government, then they’d better hand over their cotton-farm subsidies, their government-subsidized pensions, their football stadiums, their public schools, and their highways, among other things. It would be literally impossible to live in a modern urban environment without having collectively-paid-for sewage systems, garbage pick-up, road upkeep, hydro systems, etc. (Rural dwellers could, and sometimes do, manage it.)

Back to the abortion issue: I have no real problem with your campaign. I believe in education on all issues – the more REAL information, the better. That is what enables individuals to make informed choices. I certainly hope that you advocate REAL sex education in schools, including what is good and bad sex (i.e. consensual vs. forced), all birth control options with how they work and don’t work, side effects, etc., abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion facts (including pictures!), the development of the foetus, adoption, fertility treatments, etc.

Perhaps parents should be the ones to do this, but a lot of them aren’t, or they aren’t doing a good job of giving a straight-up, unbiased account of it all (and I mean bias in either direction).

My question: What is your stance on violence outside of infanticide and violence against the elderly?

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