Pro-life advocate Ma’May Faucher uses personal story, videos to educate about abortion


Published May 4, 2011, 12:37 am in The Daily Bruin
Pro-Life Advocate Ma’May Faucher uses personal story, videos to educae about abortion

Ma’May Faucher, a pro-life advocate, spoke at UCLA on Tuesday about her personal experience with abortion in an event hosted by pro-life student group Live Action.

After becoming an ultrasound technician in 2005, Faucher came to understand why she regretted her decision to have an abortion five years earlier.

“Seeing the babies, seeing how well-developed they were, filled me with remorse,” she said. “It is an important and integral part for a woman going through an unplanned pregnancy to see what is growing inside of her.”

Sharing her personal story is one way Faucher said she hopes to make women fully aware of their choices and not feel alone in their experience – a message she also wants UCLA students to understand.

She played a video of an abortion at the event, which evoked both interest and shock among the crowd. Faucher said watching an abortion better educates women about their decisions.

As the director of donor and volunteer support for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, Faucher speaks to teens, adults and groups about the process of abortion and develops outreach programs for women going through unplanned pregnancies.

“We (women) have a legal right to kill our unborn children, so we also have the right and responsibility to know exactly what that entails,” she said.

During fall quarter, Live Action held a speaker event with mothers who had decided against abortions. The group wanted to present a different perspective through Faucher’s experience, said Live Action president Andrew DeGiorgio.

“(Abortion is) a taboo topic. People don’t like to talk about it, so it’s interesting to hear somebody be open,” said Madison Beall, a first-year undeclared student who attended the event.

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