Abortion Posters – The Way to Spread Abortion Awareness

The Genocide Awareness Project is a mobile display that consists of 6 ft. x 12 ft. or 4 ft. x 8 ft.Abortion Posters thatgraphically depict thevictims of abortion. Our organization is well aware of the fact that the pictures are not pleasant. The main aim of these posters is to spread awareness about the genocide of abortion. These displays are exhibited in public places on the campuses of colleges and universities. These pro-life displays are erected so that passersby will know more about abortion and be able to have a well-informed dialogue about it.

Anti Abortion Posters

GAP is an effective and powerful use of anti abortion posters to convey our message and stimulate thought and compel debate on this often-avoided subject. These posters produce conversation among university students regarding a debate that many mistakenly believe is settled. These posters help bring the reality of abortion into focus. GAP shows what happens when pre-born babies are dehumanized the way victims of other genocides have been dehumanized.

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