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(Size: 7″ x 4.25″, 64 pages, perfect-bound)

This high-quality booklet is designed to be given to those entering an abortion clinic. In a situation where a tract or pamphlet may be stuffed into a pocket or thrown away, this little book has perceived value and is more likely to be accepted. While waiting for their appointment, women need only read the back cover, which contains the scenario used on the “180” video that changed minds about abortion. Flipping through the inside, women will find short chapters that are easily read—information about the parallels between abortion and the Holocaust, what God’s Word says about abortion, and–to put a very personal face on the issue–three moving testimonies from women whose mothers tried to abort them or were conceived in rape. It includes the entire “Why Christianity?” tract (a clear gospel presentation) and ends with “Save Yourself Some Pain.

It’s 1943. A German officer has a gun pointed at you. He wants you to get into a bulldozer and drive it forward. In front of the bulldozer is a pit in which there are 300 Jews who have just been shot. Some of them are still alive. He wants you to bury them alive! If you don’t do what he says, he is going to kill you and do it himself. Would you drive it forward? Probably not, because you value human life. How then do you feel about abortion? Perhaps you don’t think it’s a human being in the womb. Hitler said the Jews weren’t human – so that he could justify killing them. So with these thoughts in mind, answer this question: “It’s okay to kill a baby in the womb, when . . . ?”

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