Guerilla Apologetics for the Glory of God (DVD)


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Much of modern evangelism in America today is based on “feel-goodism” and trendy techniques that are contrary to Scripture. Consequently, the fruit of such efforts are minimal. While such outreach may lead to scores of “decisions,” true conversions are typically few and far between. The answer: we must evangelize as Jesus did by emphasizing that all unbelievers have broken God’s law — that “all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).

In this powerful message, Ray Comfort shares how Christians can effectively witness in the trenches by starting with the Ten Commandments during their Gospel presentation, showing unbelievers that they are enemies of God for breaking His standard and thus desperately in need of salvation. Ray also explains that God’s judgment is directly tied to lawbreaking — yet the lost can find hope through true repentance.

Ray Comfort is one of the most aggressive and fascinating Gospel evangelists on the scene today. A native New Zealander, Ray has authored more than sixty books, and his messages on “guerrilla” evangelism and confrontational street apologetics have compelled many thousands of believers to leave their comfort zones and advance an uncompromising Gospel message. His Way of the Master TV and radio programs are broadcast on hundreds of stations weekly.

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